Printing for 50 X 40 Mounts

Been a while since i wrote a blog, mainly due to having been a tad busy work wise.

Any way I thought i would touch on printing for use in 50 X 40cm mounts, mainly for club competitions, using Lightroom Classic (was Lightroom CC).

To start off with I reuse a lot of my mounts for competitions (upto 10 times for some) so I tend to do prints the same size, I like to have a 8cm boarder of mount around my prints, Doesn’t work for everyone but just seems right to me, this gives an opening in the mount of 34 X 24cm.

In Lightroom I like to print my images at least 34.5 X 24.5cm which as you will notice is slightly bigger than the opening. I have had some people say why do I not crop the images to an 8 X 10 ratio in LR, which is a 4 X 5 ratio, well it does not work by a long way. In a 34.5 X 24.5cm template in LR’s print module it gives and image size of 30.6 X 24.5 so as you can see way off in one direction.

My prefered method is to crop the image to a 5 X 7 ratio which in the print module gives an image size of 34.3 X 24.5cm. Still not quite right but a lot closer, the work around to this slight undersizing is to actually make the printing template 34.7 X 24.7cm.

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