Expensive purchase now paying dividends

The purchase of the Nikkor 200-400mm plus a 1.4 convertor 2 years ago is now really starting to pay dividends. Especially in the Bird images and also the Dragonflies ( which was what it was bought for in the first place). Due to taking over part of the running of the Southampton International Exhibition not long after the purchase I have not been able until this summer to really put it through its paces on the intended victims and the 200mm micro hasn’t been forgotten either, both have spent about the same amount of time on the front of the camera.

Sometimes I think I would struggle to know which image was taken with which lens, that is of course if I didn’t know any better. The 200-400 needs some different settings for close up images to make it work as well as the 200mm micro does, I now have them all sorted out.

Migrant Hawker male

Migrant Hawker Nikkor 200-400 plus 1.4 convertor

Small Red Damselflies mating

Small Red Damselflies Nikkor 200mm micro

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