Anyone Can Do It

A liitle while ago Southampton Camera Club had a Creative Digital competition, not something a wildlife photographer would normally enter, but I thought I would give it a go just to prove I could. 

Half my battle was coming up with an idea.

It started off with just the Steampunk girl with a gun in a boat ( 2 images), did not like the yachts in the background so in goes anything image from the same evening as the boat but without the yachts. Wasn’t to sure of the sky so another image goes in also from the same evening but was further to the right of the boat. Remember this is all being made up as I go along at this point I have no idea what i want for the final image. I now decided the girl needs to be pointing the gun at something so in goes a Migrant Hawker in flight, completely over sized for effect, not enough I decide, in goes 2 more seperate images. Hang on a minute I think, she needs to be protecting something, I know I will stick a Butterfly on the back of the boat, oversized again for effect. 

Now this makes a total of 8 images all put together using Photoshop (me being more a Lightroom user) using layers and masks just erasing the parts I did not require. All told the whole thing took a couple of hours, now those who know me will tell you I get bored of editing an image after about 5 minutes normally. So this is a serious effort for me.

Was it all worth it I here you ask? You bet it was, In a club with some very good fiddle and diddlers, in a competition with 1 winner and 2 Highly commended I manged to blag one of the HCs.

And the image that did it.

C1 The Butterfly Saviour Ian Hutchinson

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